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Syinix 40 Inch Smart TV Review Article

The Syinix 40 inch smart TV has a slim design that is exquisite and modern with a 40 inch screen size. It displays in High Definition display resolution at a maximum of 1920×1080, and also comes with HDR Picture Display to deliver an advanced viewing experience so you get clearer pictures with a dynamic look and content that looks real-life since all textures are enhanced. The TV comes with a color technology that displays colors in their true self. All visual content is presented in a clear and colorful way while paying attention to detail. The whites are white and the blacks are black. There is no in between.

Audio features are important in a TV as they complement the visuals. This Syinix 40 inch TV has Integrated Sound Output, but there is provision for addition of speakers with an audio jack system to plug in your home theatre system. However, this isn’t very necessary because with the internal speakers, you get an immersive sound experience where sound is well balanced, clear and crisp to match up to the life-like visuals.

There are quite a number of connection options to improve your viewing experience with the Syinix 40 inch Smart TV. It has 1 USB port, 2 HDMI ports, PC Input, 1 AV-In and 1 VGA port. These make it possible to watch any movies or videos from external sources. Plugging in the laptop to the TV screen is also possible through the HDMI cable. Connection of a smart phone is also provided for via the USB port.  Wi-Fi connectivity is also supported on this device as it is in built.

The Syinix 40 Inch Smart TV is a pocket friendly 40 Inch TV in Kenya

Digital TV
External decoders will be a thing of the past very soon. The Syinix 40 inch smart TV comes with an internal free to air decoder, DVB—S2 Digital Broadcasting that only requires an aerial to be fully functional. This makes it very easy to set up and scan for FTA – Free to Air channels that include all local Kenyan channels.

Smart TV
In this digital age, a smart TV is the way to go. The Syinix 40 inch smart TV leaves nothing to chance with Netflix and YouTube coming already installed on the device. All that is needed is a Wi-Fi connection. It also runs on an Android operating system at a fast refresh rate of 50-60Hz. Operating this TV is smooth and launch of web pages is quick and without lagging.

Syinix 40 Inch Price in Kenya
The Syinix 40 inch Smart TV is very affordable. The price of Syinix 40 inch TV in Kenya is KES 28,000. This TV comes with a one year warranty and considered one of the best affordable 40 inch TVs in Kenya.  Nairobi TV Shop has the best Syinix 40 inch tv price in Kenya.

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