TCL 65P635 65" Inch 4K HDR Google Android TV

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TCL 65P635 65 inch 4K HDR Google TV in Kenya

TCL 65P635 65 inch Edgeless design 4K HDR Google TV price in Kenya is 88,000 Shillings. The TCL P635 features a screen display of 65 inches LCD screen and 3840x2160P resolution. 65P635 TV has the latest HDMI 2.1 port instead of HDMI 2.0. It also has a USB 2.0 port and other basic ports. Of course, it also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and WIFI5 wireless network connection. Thus, the TCL P635 basically meets the needs of users and can easily connect to external devices and networks.

Use your voice to find movies, stream apps, play music, and control the TV. Ask Google to find a specific title, search by genre, or get personalized recommendations by saying, “what should I watch?” Even get answers like sports scores, control smart home devices, and more.

TCL's Dynamic Color Enhancement technology automatically optimizes the color vibrancy of the TV screen to provide a more vivid and better quality video experience.

The TCL P635 features a new quad-core processor that optimizes overall hardware and software performance to enhance the user's entertainment experience. The AIPQ 2.0 chipset detects the environment and upgrades the display in real-time. Its pictures are optimized based on content, so the ocean looks bluer and the rainforest is lusher. Buy TCL 65P635 65 inch 4K HDR Google TV online at best price in Kenya at Zuricart

TCL 65P635 65 inch 4K HDR Google TV specs and price in Kenya

Price in Kenya  Ksh. 88,000
Screen size  65 inches 
Screen type  LCD
Refresh rate  60Hz
Aspect ratio  16:9
Panel resolution 3840x2160P


Speakers  20W
Sound channel 2
Bluetooth Audio only  Yes 
Dolby  Dolby Audio


TV platform  Google TV
Version Android 11
Apple TV app Yes
Voice Assistant  Google Assistant
Chromecast  Yes
YouTube  Yes


HDMI  3 ports 
USB  2 inputs 
RF input


Bluetooth Yes


TCL P635 65 inches measures  1445 x 833 x 352mmis one of the TVs of the P635 series has 5 screens of different sizes. This TV is 3-sided frameless, meaning that the 3 sides of the TV are boundless having only the bottom metallic part to protect it. this makes the TV appear like a piece of art in your living space. With google photos being supported you can customize the stand-by display to have your images or those that match. In the box alongside, the TV is the remote and supportive stands. In case you do not want to mount your TV to the wall then use these stands.


One major notable difference between the TCL P635 and C635 is the display. While the TCL 65C635 QLED HDR Google TV is run by the HDR10+ with Wide Color Gamut(WCG) this TV operates on HDR10. In place of the WCG is the Dynamic Color Enhancer. DCE is designed to optimize color vibrancy automatically, it expands the traditional palette. The HDR10 is still improved though not as much as the HDR10+ giving you HDR standard videos by applying dynamic tone mapping that optimizes picture quality. The contrast and brightness of each scene are enhanced making the screen experience more entertaining. There is also the micro dimming technology allowing this TV to adjust the light concerning the environment automatically.


TCL is keeping up with the pace in the market by proving the 4K QLED resolution which of 3840 x2160 pixels. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the TV presents ease of in-stream and navigation.  The 4K processor is meant to transform all your content close to 4K resolution if not 4K. to spice up this is the Quantum Dot technology, that offers over a billion colors making scenes appear more natural. Another notable difference from the TCL C635 model is the lack of Dolby vision in this series.


We have never been disappointed by TCL when it comes to sound. They have 2-channel speakers with 10W audio power. To better the functionality is Dolby Audio technology in place to match sound and display. Each scene is selectively compared to the display, therefore, immersing you in entertainment sessions that leave you glued to the screen at all times.

Things get even more exciting with Bluetooth 5.0 in place. Imagine you can connect your TV wirelessly to a sound system. Do you see those games that you had to get out and watch?  Now enjoy them in the comfort of your home. With a 4K display and matching surround sound, what else would you want outside? Regardless of the weather enjoy theatre at home and games conveniently.


AIPQ engine offers a chipset to process content in real-time, detect the environment, and upscale display and audio. This translated content displayed matching the sound produced. Distorted signals are eliminated leaving you with authentic sounds at all times. To optimize overall hardware and software in this TV is the new Quad-core processor. As mentioned above the 4K processor transforms content to 4K resolution or close to 4K quality even those of the least resolution.


In addition to the large screen display in TCL 65P635 that is great for gaming are other features to ensure fluent gaming in this TV. The HDMI 2.1 offers a response within the shortest time possible ensuring you experience the lowest latency ever and the best picture settings for gaming. There is also the G31 MP2 800MHZ GPU that supports graphics in this TV thus allowing you to enjoy graphic intense games.


Enjoy a wide range of entertainment with the Google-incorporated TV. This means that some apps are already installed on this TV such as YouTube. Further, you can download other apps for entertainment by offering you more shows and movies. Additionally, you get your personalized partner since this smart TV keeps a memory of frequent searches and shows suggestions for you. Google also provides the OK Google that allows you to control your TV with your voice


Bearing in mind that this TV can search google and stream YouTube then internet connectivity is a must in modern TV. Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G is supported in this device. There is Bluetooth 5.0 thus connecting wirelessly to other systems. A USB 2.0 is also in place so that you can use it to connect your smartphone. 1RF and HDMI 2.1 are other features.


As stated above Google control by saying OK GOOGLE.  All you have to do is press the remote and command the TV. Alexa is incorporated to make the voice command easier. The TV also comes with a remote that can conveniently be used to control this TV without the need for the internet. From the comfort of your couch adjust the volume of your TV, change channels or search your favorite programs without straining y just pointing the remote to the TV or pressing and commanding it.

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